resolute (adjective)
[res·o·lute\'re-zӘ-lüt, -lӘt\]

1: marked by a firm determination;
resolved (a resolute character)

2: bold, steady, unwaivering
(a resolute purpose)

Experience Excellence

Resolute Transportation, Inc. is a privately owned, five-star chauffeured services firm serving clients in over 500 cities worldwide. Resolute Transportation's wholly-owned operations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

We specialize in providing individualized ground transportation for clients with unique needs: c-level execs, security-conscious individuals, concert and marketing tours, financial road shows, studio production and press junkets.

The Resolute Affiliate Network enables us to arrange top-tier ground travel in hundreds of cities worldwide. Your complete itinerary can be booked with one call or email, and managed from our online or smart phone apps.

World-Class Chauffeured Services

Our Services

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Our team of Ground Transportation Specialists are active participants in your travel planning: from ensuring that vehicle types are appropriate for party-size and desired comfort and amenities; verification of scheduling, including any chain-effects of schedule changes; driver requests, proper alert notifications, pickup and drop instructions, special signage, etc.

We constantly update and adjust passenger profiles, including payment preferences, accounting submission requirements and contact details, so that your Resolute experience can be seamless from booking through billing.

Board meeting, corporate retreat, seminar, gaming tournament, week-long fashion/art event, press junket, movie premier, concert tour: regardless of who you need to move, where they are going, or how many trips are involved, your event will be assigned one of our Senior Event Coordinators, responsible for the planning and execution of all requested ground transportation services. For larger groups, they will be assisted by our team of onsite staff.

We can arrange for any amenities, signage or special services you may desire. And we will tailor the services we recommend with your goals in mind: cost-effectiveness or high-end VIP experience, and all points in between.

When traveling on a tight schedule, avoiding press, wrangling performers and stage crew, or just flying with the kids, the assistance of one of our VIP Airport Concierges can help speed you through check-in and security, manage upgrades, seat assignments and flight changes

Our Airport Concierge will meet you at the curb with pre-printed baggage tags, boarding passes and a skycap when needed, get you through security, and when available, seat you in your airline's 1st Class lounge. Upon arrival, they will meet you as you exit the gate/customs area, escort you to your vehicle curbside, and wait and collect your baggage when it arrives on the carousel.

Just want help connecting flights in a strange city? We have knowledgeable staff in over 500 airports worldwide.

*Specific services vary by airport and airline, in accordance with local law and air carrier policies.

Our vehicles always are stocked with local and national newspapers, quality bottled water, WIFI, and cell phone/tablet chargers. DO your passengers want fresh coffee in the car when you get picked up? Vos water or another specific brand? Food from a favorite local restaurant?

Do you require logoed airport signage? A welcome basket? Parking passes? A document printed for the next meeting? Child seats?

These are all standard request-types we daily provide for our clients, so just let us know. For continual requests, we will ensure that the passenger profile is actively updated so that you will not have to make these requests at every booking.

Our software is configured to integrate with all the common travel agency booking tools: Sabre, Groundspan, Saturn, Concur, as well as most Global Delivery System and spend tools. We can customize booking confirmations, receipts, invoices and billing procedures to fulfill any corporate accounting and reporting requirements.

Our Fleet

Resolute Transportation provides clients with access to a fleet of late-model, luxury vehicles in all major markets worldwide. Pictured here are the vehicles which comprise our standard North American offerings.

Mobile Reservations and Account Management

  • Schedule New Reservations
  • Make Changes
  • Obtain Chauffeur Contact Info
  • Track Your Vehicle
  • Access Receipts
  • Create and Update Passenger Profiles
  • 24-hour Central Reservations and Dispatch: